Amut Comi becomes Comi Packaging


Amut Comi Srl becomes Comi Packaging

Un nuovo nome ed un nuovo logo per una azienda in costante crescita, orientata verso il futuro.


Vigevano, 23/08  –  Amut Comi Srl, a leading player in the design and construction of thermoforming machines for the production of food packaging containers, is excited to announce its official rebranding as “Comi Packaging”. This strategic decision comes as part of a broader effort to streamline and consolidate its brand identity with its parent company, Comi Group, while enhancing its market presence and strengthening customer recognition.

The rebranding to Comi Packaging reflects a natural evolution for the company, building upon the rich legacy and expertise that Amut Comi Srl has established over the years. By adopting the name “Comi Packaging,” the company aims to reinforce its alignment with the overarching values and vision of the Comi Group, which is recognized globally for its innovative solutions and dedication to excellence.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new identity as Comi Packaging,” said Mirko Ugazio, CEO at Comi Packaging. “This rebranding allows us to present a unified image that truly represents our commitment to build cutting edge continuous thermoformers, technological innovation, and superior customer service. As part of the Comi Group family, we are better positioned than ever to drive industry advancements and continue delivering exceptional value to our customers.”

Comi Packaging will continue to provide a comprehensive range of continuous thermoforming machines, leveraging its extensive experience and leveraging the expertise of Comi Group’s diverse portfolio of companies. This rebranding reflects the synergy between Amut Comi Srl and the larger Comi Group, uniting their efforts to meet the evolving needs of the packaging industry.

The transition to the new name and brand identity will be seamless for clients and partners. The change is effective immediately, and all future business activities will be conducted under the name “Comi Packaging.”

As part of the rebranding, the company’s website, logo, and visual identity will be updated to reflect the new name and its integration with the Comi Group. Clients, partners, and stakeholders can learn more about Comi Packaging and its innovative packaging solutions by visiting our website

About Comi Packaging:

Comi Packaging, formerly known as Amut Comi Srl, is a prominent player in the design and construction of continuous thermoforming machines. Leveraging a strong heritage of technological expertise, the company offers an array of thermoforming solutions to meet diverse packaging requirements. In fact, it was born from the partnership between Comi Spa and Amut Spa, the company has combined the technological innovations of the two companies to give its customers a unique and highly specialized solution.

Since some years, Comi Packaging is a proud member of the Comi Group, a renowned name globally, with a history of delivering innovative and comprehensive solutions in various industries, especially in the thermoforming sector where its technology is recognized all over the world.

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