IML AMUT-COMI EASY Decoration for thermoforming containers with high quality labels

(Novara, Italy – 26 August 2020) – AMUT-COMI’s R&D department has recently developed EASY Decoration, an IML (In-Mold Labelling) technique for thermoforming. This innovative solution differs from those currently available on the market that are combined with form and punching machines with tilting mould, as it has been conceived for a form and die cutting machine. Perfectly adaptable to AMUT-COMI’s standard ACF series, our in-mold labelling module is available for round, oval and rectangular containers. It is based on a side-entry label depositing robot, which positions labels in the mould cavities and is designed to enable an easy and fast transition from the IML version to traditional thermoforming. The IML unit is mounted on rails to allow it to be moved during the change of moulds. EASY Decoration offers as main advantages, compared to the solution available for tilting machines, flexibility and cost-effectiveness and is suitable both for small and medium batches as well as for large production volumes. The IML decoration allows to obtain food packaging with a label of the same material, favoring a more efficient and eco-friendly post-consumer disposal. Thermoforming combined with the Easy Decoration system allows to grant a more aesthetically appealing packaging, with a low weight and quality suitable for the long preservation of the product, thanks to the use of barrier materials (multilayer), compared to traditionally injection molded containers

EASY Decoration is simple, reliable and adaptable to specific needs.