Latest generation AMUT-COMI ACF980 for the production of expanded PS (foam) trays

(Novara, Italy – 26 June 2020) – The versatile AMUT-COMI ACF 980 series, proves to be suitable for the production of expanded PS (foam) trays, as well.

Since its first presentation at K2016 the ACF is constantly evolving and is counted among the flagship products designed by AMUT-COMI. This die-cutting model is available in two, three and four station versions in three sizes: ACF600, ACF820 and ACF980.

Constant investments in research and innovation have recently resulted in the development of the new ACF980 XL model, specifically designed for the North American market, with maximum mold size mm 980X840 and maximum molding depth up to 200 mm.

This high technology machine for expanded PS has been equipped with a number of options in order to respond efficiently to the most demanding customers’ requirements. The optimized version allows the forming station with integrated cut with 100 ton clamping force; the die-cutting station with a force increased to 100 tons; the new stacking robot capable of reaching 40 cycles per minute. In addition, rapid locking of forming and stacking equipment; chips detachment station in case of use of molds with cut without trims between the cavities (Shared-Edge mold) are also guaranteed.

In parallel to the process upgrades the EASY control software has also evolved to meet the ever-increasing needs of our customers and now offers a range of innovative features. Among the most significant ones it is worth mentioning the connection to a cloud for automatic storage of all work parameters, alarms, production data and much more; the possibility to connect the machine via WiFi to a tablet, PC or smartphone on which to display (Mirroring function) all the pages of the operating panel. Last but not least the machine can be interfaced with the factory management system (ERP) to download the work programs in PDF format, for easy consultation by the operator.

At the end of the production batch, the thermoforming packaging machine sends a file to the management system, which processes it for the subsequent closure/execution phases of the order. The operating manual can be displayed on-line for immediate consultation by the operator/maintenance worker.

The top-of-the-range ACF is the perfect fit to enhance production quality and efficiency and reach satisfactory high speed performance with advanced-feature process management solutions.